Share of maps and waypoints to sail in Asia-Pacific


How to contribute ?

You may contribute by sharing a .gpx file or a .kml file which contains waypoints, tracks or routes.
  1. Export placemarks from your GPS or chartplotter (OpenCPN...)  into  a .gpx file or a .kml file.
  2. Attach this file to an email that you send to .

How to export placemarks from OpenCPN ?

  1. Click on [Route & Mark Manager] tool in OpenCPN. 
  2. Choose [Tracks], [Routes] or [Waypoints].
  3. Select items to export. Holding down [Ctrl] while you clic to add an item to the selection.
  4. Click on the [Export selected] button.
  5. Name the .gpx file then [Save].

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